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Need to catch your customer’s attention, but don’t have much budget or a space for signs? Vehicle decals are a perfect marketing tool for any business that involves driving around. Discover why a vehicle decal is a great solution to benefit your business in Long Island, NY.

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What is a Vehicle Decal?

Vehicle Decals custom vehicle wrap graphics window perforated film 300x225A vehicle decal is a thin, vinyl sheet that has a graphic printed on it. That could be your business name, contact information, logo, or another image. A vehicle decal, also called a vehicle graphic, is smaller than a vehicle wrap. It may only cover a few square inches of space. Or, you can use multiple graphics to cover more space.

Vehicle decals are completely customizable. At Island Signs and Graphics, we can match your decal to you existing branding and logo exactly. Or, we can help you make a new vehicle graphic that sends the message you want to send.

The Benefits of Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals custom vehicle vinyl graphics wrap 300x225When you choose a vehicle decal, what benefits do you get with it?

  • Cost-effective marketing: Vehicle graphics are inexpensive compared to other sign types and give you amazing ROI. Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement has found that commercial vehicle graphics generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day, depending on where you drive. They only cost about $0.77 per impression, making them very cost-effective.
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  • Brand awareness: Vehicle graphics are the perfect way to make your business more visible. Everywhere the vehicle goes, your graphic announces your brand and catches attention. In fact, people enjoy looking at vehicle graphics when they’re bored during their drive.
  • Easily updated advertising: It is simple to remove commercial vehicle graphics, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of updating your branding or changing your promotions. In fact, the paint beneath the vehicle decal will be unharmed, so you don’t even need to apply a new coat.
  • Catch attention: The bottom line is that you want to catch attention of potential customers and drive sales. Vehicle decals are a great way to do that. Remember, they’re working even when they’re parked in the driveway.

Who Can Use a Vehicle Decal?

Vehicle Decals vinyl vehicle graphics wrap 225x300Commercial vehicle graphics are useful for any business where the staff drive, even if it’s just from their home to the office. That being said, there are some brands that can benefit from vehicle decals more than other sign types. For example:

  • Contractors from painters to plumbers
  • Transport and shipping
  • Catering and food service businesses
  • Cleaning services
  • Public service, like ambulances etc.

Ready to get started? Reach out to Island Signs and Graphics for vehicle decals in Long Island, NY today.

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