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Dimensional Letters

Importance of Dimensional Letters in Long Island, NY

We all know how potent digital marketing has become over the last decade. It, however, doesn’t mean that you can ignore the fundamentals of physical advertising and signage. Especially for brick and mortar businesses, sign and graphic advertising remains effective in raising brand awareness and leading customers to your doorstep. Looking around, notice how business owners continue to rely on business signs to lure customers. Amongst all business signage, dimensional letters remain some of the most effective.

If you are a business owner looking for dimensional letters Long Island, NY offers you a lot of options. Just make sure you get only the finest sign company, Island Signs & Graphics, build the perfect sign and take care of your signage needs.

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Why Businesses Choose Dimensional Letter Signage 

Dimensional Letters custom storefront outdoor building restaurant window vinyl channel letters 300x225Dimensional letters are commonly seen as ideal exterior building signs, bearing the name or logo of a business establishment. Unlike lighted channel letters that use LED or incandescent lighting, these 3D letters are unlit but are equally attractive and durable.

  • Whether you are running a standalone retail outlet or a commercial complex, large 3D letters are an excellent way of making visitors aware of your business.
  • Because they’re made from lightweight materials, dimensional letters can be hung or mounted anywhere for maximum exposure, but they can also be used indoors to adorn reception areas.
  • Cut and fabricated from strong materials, these raised letters are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • You can choose between metal, plastic, wood, and light foam as your building material of choice.
  • Although these letter signs are usually unlit, you can always speak with our experts at Island Signs & Graphics for lighting options.

Whether you go for illuminated or non-illuminated, our graphics specialists will always be able to provide you with stunning, professional-looking business signs. 

Choosing the Finest Sign Company in Long Island 

Dimensional Letters IMG 4252 300x300Any experienced entrepreneur would tell you how a cohesive signage system is essential for the success of every marketing endeavor. In Long Island, NY, no other sign manufacturer understands this better than us. We pride ourselves in our capacity to produce high quality business signs and deliver world-class customer service.  

Free Dimensional Letters Consultation

If you are ready to raise your sign game to another level and give your marketing a boost, call Island Signs & Graphics today at (516) 243-7730 for your free consultation with a dimensional letter signage expert!