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Post & Panel Signs

custom promotional post panel sign
Post and panel signs are one of the most versatile sign types around. In any size and color, a custom post and panel sign can attract the attention you need. Plus, at their low cost, these signs are perfect for temporary uses, like advertising political candidates, construction, weekend events, and sales.

Benefits of Post and Panel Signs

Why choose a post and panel sign over your many other sign options? There are many benefits you can get from these types of signs, maybe they are just the right option for you. Here’s what you can expect:
Custom branded wayfinding post and panel sign

  • Low cost: Post and panel signs are a low-cost sign option, which makes them great for temporary purposes or for signage that needs to be changed often.
  • Flexibility: When made of PVC, post and panel signs can have any kind of custom color, lettering and graphics you need.
  • Sizing: These signs are available in very small and very large sizes, so you can get the exact dimensions you need.
  • Weather-resistant: Post and panel signs are a great outdoor sign option as they resist rain and other weather events.

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Types of Post and Panels Signs

wayfinding post and panel signAlthough we typically recommend you choose a PVC sign for post and panel signs, they are available in other materials. Here’s a quick run down on the materials, and why you’ll probably prefer PVC.

  • PVC with Vinyl Cut: PVC and vinyl post and panel signs are inexpensive and more weather resistant than other materials. If you’re drawn to these signs as an outdoor, temporary option you definitely want our PVC with vinyl cut signs.
  • Custom post and panel outdoor sign

  • Metal: Post and panel signs are available in metal, typically, aluminum. However, this is a more costly and more permanent option.
  • Wood: Wood post and panel signs might be beneficial if you want that traditional or earthy look. On the other hand, wood does not stand up to the elements nearly as well as PVC.

Who Should Use Post and Panel Signs?

We serve many industries and business types that rely on custom post and panel signs as their primary sign type. For example:

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Small businesses
  • Event venues
  • Retail
  • Politics
  • Not-for-profits

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Long Island Signs and Graphics is the premier source for post and panel signs in Long Island, NY. We work within your budget to get you a beautifully designed custom post and panel sign, delivered on time. Reach out to us today for a free sign consultation.

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