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Let Island Signs & Graphics maximize your marketing opportunity with custom car wraps and graphics!

photoMost of the companies out there either use their cars for deliveries or as a perk for their corporate employees. That car provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to promote their businesses with a customized vinyl wrap or graphic.

A branded car wrap provides potential customers with your marketing message, contact information, and your business logo. Your branded vehicle allows you to reach a broader audience than any other form of advertising.

Car wraps even allow you to promote your business even when you travel to and from work as it brings your brand message to all those who see your vehicle. In fact, one car can reach hundreds of people without forcing you to change your daily activities.

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High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

photoWhen your car isn’t branded there is nothing that differentiates it from other, and as it blends in with other vehicles, potential customers will be none-the-wiser about your business. However, if you let Island Signs & Graphics install a custom car wrap, then your car will stand out from the crowd and make more people recognize your business.

Since this form of marketing reaches a broader audience, you will start getting calls from people who live far from where your business is located, rather than only those who pass by your storefront or know you directly. Customized car wraps provide broader visibility for a company and can enable you to reach markets that can only be achieved through costly marketing methods. And since most of the potential customers travel along the same routes you travel, you will be able to reach more local customers.

Most people going about their daily errands will remember the guy spinning the sign for a limited time sale. The good news is that your car can also offer that same recognition. A car with a beautiful car wraps will grab the attention of potential customers and reinforces your brand message.

Completely Customized to Your Needs

photoWe fully understand that every business is unique and has a unique marketing need. This is something that a car wrap should reflect. Professional and impactful elements that can be seen from a distance will make your business stand out.

Island Signs & Graphics has car wrap specialists who know how to design wraps, magnets, and graphics that can perfectly complement the shape of any vehicle. Our designers consider your needs and work with you to find a product that fits your marketing needs. We design, manufacture, and installs wraps for any vehicle and all coverage levels including:

Do you use a different type of car for work? Island Signs & Graphics can create wraps for just about anything from AT’s to RV’s to increase your marketing awareness. As your business evolves, we can modify your car wraps to give you the freedom to continue growing your business regardless of the direction it goes.

Protect your vehicle investment

photoIsland Signs & Graphics manufactures car wraps using durable vinyl film. This means that you will get a beautiful car wrap that can protect the factory paint job of your car as the durable vinyl film shields the paint job from weathering and road wear.

We understand that a car represents a substantial long-term investment and we will help you get the most out of it by creating an effective branding tool that lasts for a long period of time and protects your car’s value.

Rest assured, our goal is for your finished product to not just meet your expectations but exceed them. Our team of professional installers will ensure that your wrap is aligned correctly, works perfectly with the natural lines of your vehicle, and are free of warps, bubbles, and tears. Island Signs & Graphics knows that a properly installed car wrap will help you market your business effectively and also build our reputation.

Complete Wrap Manufacturer

photoOur company is passionate about car wraps. Our dedicated staff will be with you every step of the process from consultation through installation, maintenance, and wrap removal. We value our customers and that is why we listen to their ideas and consider them during the entire process.

This is what has enabled us to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers. As we said earlier, you will be able to get a professional, eye-catching and durable car wrap.

Our custom vehicle graphics will add a whole new layer of visibility to your brand and business and also increase the life of your car. If you want your car wrap repaired or removed or if you want a replacement of elements, then let our experienced staff help get your message on the road.

Free Car Wrap Consultation

Island Signs & Graphics is ready to help you increase your brand visibility and attract more customers with quality car wraps. Do you want attractive, cohesive vehicle graphics, wraps or other signage? Island Signs & Graphics is dedicated to helping you reach all your business and marketing goals.

Call Island Signs & Graphics today at (516) 758-2053 for a Free Consultation with a Car Wrap Specialist!