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The facade of your office building is one of your best opportunities to impress people in your target group.

custom retail storefrontAt Island Signs & Graphics, we do everything it takes for your potential customers to become interested in your business at first sight.

A compelling and eye-catching building sign will set you apart from the crowd, enabling you to capture your audience, and ultimately to grow your business. Whether you want your storefront sign to attract more potential customers or you only need to showcase your logo on your building, we are able to design and install the perfect sign to suit your purposes.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

photoDifferent companies have different needs and policies in regard to their building sign. There are many factors that affect your building signage such as branding, target customers, location, and budget.

Our expert building sign consultants will evaluate your building and your available space, in order to be able to recommend you the most effective signage solution to suit your business goals. We will handle all details for you, starting with the pre-sales consultation through the installation of your sign. We will assist you with everything needed for you to have your sign up on your building as scheduled.

Types of Building Signs

photoWe usually recommend a few of the most common building signs. Our consultants know when to recommend signage that’s complementary with the surrounding landscape, and when to choose a contrasting style. Our ultimate goal is to make the name of your business to stand out from the crowd, while also keeping it in line with your brand identity.

Our signage products are custom tailored to suit the needs and the requirements of our clients. This means that even if you use the same lettering as your neighbors, we are going to develop a unique style to make your sign one of a kind.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

photoChannel letters dimensional signs are on top of our preferences for a good reason; they are among the most versatile options. They include a wide range of colors and typefaces, enabling each and every business to have a custom sign that is at the same time unique and cohesive. Channel letters and dimensional letters can also include logos, shapes and numbers. Many businesses in various industries prefer them, because of their durability and because of the excellent customization level they allow for. Channel letters can have lights inside, as they usually have a transparent face. Dimensional letters can only bu backlit, but this doesn’t make them less impactful.

Lighted Signs

photoLighted building signs are an excellent choice for your business to be visible both day and night. There are many sign types that allow for either lighting or backlighting. Most of the time, cabinet signs include a lighted element inside, while channel letter signs feature backlighting. Both options are ideal for businesses that are open late such as retail stores, pharmacies and gas stations.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

photoWhatever you choose to name it, a hanging, blade or projecting sign is one that’s perpendicular on the wall, as opposed to laying flat on the facade. These signs can be regular cabinet signs with backlighting, but they can also be made from custom materials sch as metal and wood. They are great for attracting attention, and are usually combined with storefront signage, for an enhanced effect. They are also suitable for directional signage, in case of businesses that don’t have a storefront, but want people to know they are in that building.

Canopy & Awning Signs

photoAwning signs can serve a double purpose, as business identifier and storefront protection. Most often than not, awning signs are built from a stretched canvas, but they can be made from any type of metal or fabric, depending on your specific needs.

We recommend materials that are weather resistant, in order for your sign to look its best for a longer period of time. Awning signs are ideal for hotels or restaurants seeking to provide a boutique-like feel.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Island Signs & Graphics is happy to create the right sign to suit your building and your business identity. We know how important it is to have a good building sign that allows you to attract more customers and showcase your brand.

Call Island Signs & Graphics at (516) 758-2053 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Expert!