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Custom Outdoor Business Signs Long Island NY

Island Signs & Graphics is your single destination for all your Long Island outdoor business signage needs. Whether you are looking to promote your business, build brand recognition, or excite potential customers about special events or promotions, we create the signs you need to make a big impact and get maximum exposure.

custom monument signFantastic outdoor signage is an indication to your business visitors that you are a professional business providing high-quality goods or services. The right signs tell your customers who you are, what you are about, and what they can expect to find if they walk through your doors. Here at Island Signs & Graphics, we design the right signs for all your business identification and promotion needs.

Storefront Signs

custom retail storefront

Since storefront signs tend to be the first signs that people see, it is important to have one that is done professionally and perfectly. You need to have the right fonts, colors, and styles to match your brand personality and existing marketing. Everyone sees your storefront sign, even those people who don’t go inside, so this is often the only impression of your business a person may ever get. If it is not attractive, professional, and reflective of your brand, then it will most likely do very little to help you attract new clients. 

Even if your storefront isn’t the best or most beautiful, a great sign can really transform it into something special. Allow us to help you make an eye-catching, effective sign.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom Dimensional LettersOne of the most popular options for storefront signs is a channel letters or dimensional letters. These are created by using individual cut elements (letters, symbols, numbers, etc) that are perfectly aligned to your backing frame. This gives you that classic look that many other stores have, but you will be able to set yourself apart using our skills – which is important.

Most often, businesses and companies will spell out their name, put a logo, or even both on this type of sign. We have many options, allowing you to keep your sign unique and brand focused, from different sizes and colors to font choices and construction.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Michael Kors Storefront Sign Channel Letter Sign Backlit

Channel letter signs can really make you stand out with the addition of LED backlighting. This allows the sign to easily be seen at night and in poor weather. W will handle all aspects of this process, including safe installation and electrical elements.

If you have a business that is open during the evening or night hours, a backlit channel letter sign can make a big difference in your ability to attract new customers. Lighted signs are ideal for nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, convenience stores, and gas stations, but can work well for any business that wants to set themselves apart.

Canopy & Awning Signs


Canopy and awning signs are a great storefront sign option for boutiques or upscale small businesses. This is a unique and attractive way to broadcast your business branding, even if you are on a budget. Canopy signs are most often utilized by salons, jewelry stores, specialty shops, galleries, hotels, and those in shopping centers that require uniformity with other businesses in the center. They provide both brand identification and protection to your storefront and guests, making them an excellent multi-purpose choice.

These signs are made out of canvas that is stretched, and you can get whatever you want, printed directly on them. You control the size, color, fonts, and whatever else goes onto the signs, allowing for complete customization.

Monument Signs

Custom Monument SignMonument signs are typically found near the entrances of bigger businesses, universities, colleges, churches, headquarters, or private clubs. These are the regal signs that are made out of extremely durable materials like stone, brick, or marble. Long lasting and impressive, these statue-style signs are sure to make a big impact on your customers, clients, and guests.

Usually, these signs will use etching or channel letters, but there are many different options for displaying your business information. These signs last a lifetime – they are sturdy and well built, quickly becoming a symbol of your business.

Pylon & Pole Signs

Outdoor Pole SignPole signs are key for those businesses who need to attract people from miles around. These are the large signs you see, mounted atop a large pole or pillar. They are easily seen from busy highways or across the shopping center, acting as a beacon to bring people into your business. Also called a pylon sign, these are incredibly popular in Long Island because of their far reaching appeal. They are most often used by gas stations, fast food restaurants, restaurants, and other shopping centers. Pole signs commonly feature a large logo, business name, or can act as a tenant sign, listing the different establishments found within a complex.

Every Outdoor Sign Your Business Needs

photoThe team at Island Signs & Graphics is here for you for all of your outdoor signage needs, from business identification to promotional signage, we create the perfect signs for all your needs! Whether you are looking to promote a retail holiday sale or special event, need portable signs for your real estate business, or want to help your business stand out, we have the right outdoor signs for you.

Our other exterior signs include:

custom lightbox signWe assist with every step of the process, answering your questions, and making changes to your signs if you need them. Island Signs & Graphics provides a complete selection of indoor signs, vehicle wraps, and trade show exhibits in addition to our exterior signs. We want to help you establish yourself through attractive, durable, and professional signage – indoors and out.

Full-Service Outdoor Sign Company in Long Island NY

custom outdoor signIsland Signs & Graphics offers every type of outdoor sign as well as installation services for businesses of any size. Since we are a local Long Island company, we will visit you to evaluate the location for your sign and discuss options based on your specific needs. Consistency is key so we can also work with you on existing signage to create a great solution and create something cohesive, giving you a streamlined look for your brand.

Directory SignWhile new businesses need to have quality outdoor signage to attract customers, established businesses can benefit from a revamp or rebrand of their exterior signs. Our designers will take the time to work with you to create impactful outdoor signage, including banners, outdoor murals, channel letters, lighted exterior signs and more to attract new and returning customers to your business.

We take pride in our signs and are dedicated to providing high-quality products for all your needs and to meet your satisfaction. We hope that you are so impressed with the signs created by Island Signs & Graphics that you can’t wait to tell others.

Bahr Gallery Exterior Sign

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