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Truck Wraps and their Limitless Marketing Capabilities

Custom vinyl truck wrapIf your company owns one or more vehicles then you have a powerful, limitless marketing tool at your disposal. With custom truck wraps, you can transform the sides of your truck into rent-free mobile ad spaces that can reach more places and create more impressions compared to static billboards or print ads. Whether you’re looking into getting full truck wraps or minimal vehicle decals and letterings, Island Signs and Graphics has it all for you.

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Promote your Brand and Increase Visibility

Branded work truck wrapHow long does it take for you to get to your workplace every day? If you are in Long Island and neighboring counties, chances are you drive past several bustling communities, business districts, and along with hundreds – if not thousands – of other motorists each day.

With your truck’s factory paint job, you blend in as just another vehicle on the road. With custom truck wraps, however, you have the power to turn those passive eyes stuck in heavy traffic into paying customers.

Custom truck wraps are vinyl wraps printed with images or information and wrapped around your vehicle for more purposes than one. Business owners have used vehicle wraps for years to promote their business and increase brand awareness. This is especially useful for company vehicles that travel long distances every day to deliver their product and services but even if your company truck doesn’t go outside the county very often, a customized truck wrap can still do so much in terms of publicizing your brand.

Be Unforgettable

Branded Work Truck WrapIt doesn’t matter if it’s just your web address in basic truck letterings or a catalogue of your products on full truck wraps. Custom truck wraps allow your vehicles to stand out and catch people’s attention, making you not only noticeable but even unforgettable by the public.

To maximize this dynamic marketing ability of your wraps, have it designed by truck wrap experts whose understanding of the concept of mobile advertising enable them to create an advertising tool that embodies your brand and matches your overall marketing strategy.

A cohesive design is essential to create consistency and avoid confusion among your target audience. With well-designed vehicle wraps that display your company logo and sport your brand’s colors and fonts, you can be sure that people will remember you every time they think of your niche.

Inexpensive Advertising Tool

Protective truck wrap
Make the most of your vehicle’s time out in the streets by showing your information on partial or full truck wraps. Unlike billboards that are seen only by people who come around that location, your vehicle wraps can cover a larger area and reach different demographics in any given day. It is advertising that never turns off. Whether your truck is on the highway or parked in visible locations, it has the potential to generate leads and help with your branding.

In addition to all these cool features, truck wraps are relatively inexpensive and last five years or more under extreme weather conditions. You can choose from a variety or wraps depending on your business needs. At Island Signs & Graphics, you can choose from the following options:

  • Partial Truck Wraps
  • Full Truck Wraps
  • Perforated Window Films
  • Custom Truck Decals, Graphics, and Stickers

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