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Great company and beautiful work.

Great company, helped throughout the design process and once signed off created the signs quickly. Beautiful work.... read more

- Robert Ray

Client Review

A positive experience with their products and service.

Great quality of work covering clients in all fields. Island Signs takes the time to get the job right and ensures that any graphic, sign, or banner significantly adds to the value... read more

- Nicholas Palazzolo

5 Reasons Custom Wall Murals are the Right Choice for Decorating Your Interiors

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Custom Wall Murals at Long Island Sign Company

Creating the perfect ambiance for your establishment can be a challenge. Competition is high among businesses based in Long Island, New York. Entrepreneurs need to step up their game by creating a space that people invite people to shop, dine, drink, and so on.

Investing in Custom Wall Murals

Many establishments maximize their interior design by using art pieces that complement their products and services and that draws more people in. Custom wall murals can be considered a similar functional artwork for your business, one that is worth investing in for several reasons.

More Customization

Custom wallpaper murals are highly customizable; you can display your brand name, logo, slogan, history, and other elements relating to your company in a stylized and artistic manner. These murals can also complement the overall theme of your interiors. A travel agency, for example, can have a beach holiday-themed mural to help create an exciting ambiance for its customers.

Marketing Tool

More than just aesthetics, you can maximize your custom wallpaper murals by using them as a marketing tool. You can tell your company’s story and establish a stronger bond with your customers through custom wall murals. A good example is a mural that features how the company grew from its humble beginnings to where it is now. Another idea is of a mural that showcases the process of how you make coffee, from sourcing the beans from local farmers, using recycled materials to make your to-go cups, and so on.

Better Than Paint

With paint, it takes several coats and paid labor hours to complete an entire wall that ends up looking basic and bland. Not to mention the time it takes for the paint to dry completely. Of course, such is not the case with custom printed wall murals. They are designed on the computer by an expert designer, printed on high-quality vinyl, and installed by professionals in a few hours. Moreover, using paint requires a flawless surface whereas printed murals can be applied on textured surfaces (though smoother surfaces are better).

Low-maintenance and Hardwearing

Custom wallpaper murals that are produced and installed by a reliable company require little to no maintenance. High-quality murals are coated with a protective layer that makes them resistant to water and damage.

Works Anywhere

One of the best things about a custom printed wall mural is that you can install it practically anywhere in your business such as the reception area, conference room, and hallways.

Island Signs and Graphics is the preferred provider of wall murals in Long Island. We provide digitally printed vinyl wall murals for home and commercial use. Call us today to receive an estimate for your project and find out how we help you realize your designs.

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