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Window Graphics Project Plainview New York


Woodbury Estate is a new senior development that was opening a sales office in Plainview New York. They had a large area of windows in front of the office for signage. Since they were selling units in a new development down the road, they requested a way to convey the new units in a creative way with window graphics. We recommended window perforation which is a great way to use custom business signage in a creative way and allow full design to be on display.

Window perforation is a unique product in that it allows full design to be displayed while looking from the outside while being able to see through from the inside. It also serves as a sunshade as well. Any creative, colors and design can be printed on these types of window graphics.

Island Signs and Graphics only uses premium 3M perforated vinyl for these projects. The 3M vinyl reproduces designs in vivid and sharp colors while being durable. There are different types of perforated vinyl based on the percentage of holes to vinyl which translates to the amount of light that enters and allows more see through from the inside. For example, the perforated vinyl that should be used on vehicle windows is 50/50 which means 50% holes and 50% vinyl. This allows a good amount of visibility from the inside of the vehicle to the outside. For this project we used the 3M 8170-P40 perforated vinyl which has 60% vinyl and 40% holes to allow for a better graphical representation of the design.

The design was developed and printed on the 3M perforated vinyl. Installation is very important as if the windows are large, seams are necessary, but a good installer will make the seams only slightly visible and not interfere with the overall design.

Window perforation vinyl is a great way to showcase a business as a window graphic while allowing your employees and customers see the outside world from the inside.