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Great company to work with!

Great company to work with! They are very responsive, their pricing is fair and they do great work! Will definitely use them again.... read more

- Rebecca Chin

Client Review

Great to deal with in every way !!!

Being very detailed oriented on there work my Sign was made and instated in a week . Can't ask for a better service from a company. Thank you again guys !!!... read more

- Jack Vais

Get Creative With Wall Signs

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Wall Murals Syosset

There’s a wonderful variety within the category of custom interior wall signs. These signs run the gamut from storefront signs to lobby logo signs to full wall murals, and everything in between. All of them help you get deliver that perfect impression to a prospect, customer, or visitor.

At Island Signs and Graphics, we love the creativity and versatility that comes with creating wall signs. Today let’s look at some great examples of how you can use these signs to maximum effect.


Custom interior wall signs featuring your logo are often (but not always) called lobby logo signs. They’re carefully designed to create a terrific first impression when a customer enters your place of business. In a matter of seconds, indoor wall signs designed around your logo let your visitor know they’re in the right place, convey your brand attributes, and demonstrate your company’s professionalism.

Choose from a large range of materials, effects, and manufacturing methods for the perfect effect that truly represents your brand. Brushed aluminum and reflective acrylic are two popular choices, but we can also create indoor wall signs from more exotic materials such as wood, brick, and even stone.

You can also select impactful accessories for your wall signs, such as lighting. Some of the many lighting methods include top or bottom lighting, interior lighting (with channel letters), and reverse or halo lighting.

Wall Murals: The Ultimate Indoor Wall Signs

Transform your interior wall space into a work of art that complements your brand and enhances business results. Wall murals help your visitors and customers feel immersed in your company values and history.

They’re also engaging, unusual, and downright fun. Look at the wall mural above, depicting core values as a chain of molecules, all inextricably linked. Not only that, but the molecule chain flows from one wall onto a second one that’s at a 90-degree angle.

Now that’s clever! If you were sitting in this company’s lobby, you couldn’t possibly help but turn your head and follow this compelling mural all the way around. The high degree of creative freedom is one of the reasons wall murals are such effective custom indoor wall signs.

Showcase Your Creativity With Indoor Wall Signs

Island Signs & Graphics is excited to work with you through the entire process of creating custom interior wall signs, from concept to installation. Contact us today for your complimentary quote.

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