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Their work was perfect!

Island Signs & Graphics Customer Review
Mike and the crew at Long Island sign company really helped me out in a bind. Needed one of my company vans wrapped within a few days. Called Mike up brought the van down and they ... read more

- Empire Mobile Technicians

Client Review

Great working with those guys

- Rich M

Custom Vehicle Wraps That Keep on Truckin’

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best truck wraps

Vans and trucks offer such amazing spaces for creative vehicle wraps. The best truck wraps incorporate all the space available to deliver branding and messaging that’s unique, powerful, and visually striking.

If you’re looking for truck and van wraps near me that keep on delivering your message, consider these fun and creative ideas for your next wrapping project.

Tell a story in images. The Safeway wrap above is one of the best truck wrapswe’ve seen in terms of telling a clear, compelling narrative. In a relatively small space, this truck wrap shows:

  • Trucks driving from the open countryside into a populated area.
  • A bag full of appealing food, ready for consumers to enjoy.
  • The concept of the company delivering directly to your door.

Viewers grasp all of these messages in seconds. It’s an impressive bit of visual storytelling.


Use arresting and unusual images. Have a look at the van wraps near me above. My goodness – there’s a house on fire! That’s an image that will definitely turn heads.

Of course, the aim isn’t to be negative in any way. This van wrap is designed to demonstrate how crucial a proper alarm system is. When you show people the possible consequences of overlooking alarm systems, they’re far more apt to pay attention. The wrap features bold and powerful use of imagery.


Dazzle with ultra-sharp imagery and compelling visual effects. Check out the gorgeous van wrap on display here! In keeping with BMW’s luxuriant and exclusive imagery, this van wrap is chock-full of gleaming reflective surfaces, sophisticated urban settings, and the sensation of speed.

With the sheer scale of the M-series coupe on the side, you almost get the impression this van could hold a BMW itself, and that your driving adventure is within reach.


Use negative space for maximum impact. Some of the best truck wraps are more sparing on images and incorporate negative space in intriguing ways.PetroChoice made a creative decision with this wrap. They reserved about half of the negative white space for their branding and contact information – a smart choice, as it provides extra contrast. The other half of the truck wrap shows vehicles and gears in motion. Dividing the two is a brightly coloured, undulating ribbon that calls to mind combustion, power, and speed.

The Best Truck Wraps For Your Business

Whether it’s truck wraps or van wraps near me that have your interest, we have you covered. Contact Island Signs and Graphics today for your complimentary quote.

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